Personalized & Custom Nutrition Counseling & Gut health

We provide custom, detailed dietary nutrition plans based on bio feedback scanning as well as a supplement and mineral scan. This allows is to create a diet that is gut healing, as well as specialized to the individual. As we progress outward in the client’s plan, we then customize supplements based on the client’s needs to get your body running at peak and optimal health.

Gut heath is key to living a thriving, energetic and happy life.  Our guts are a complex world, full of billions of bacteria – good and bad.  We refer to the gut as ‘The Big Brain’ and our actual brain as ‘The Little Brain’. Believe it or not, food cravings for junk food, sugar, baked goods, fast food, and other processed carbohydrates, are messages coming from the bad bacteria in your gut! They send messages to our ‘Little Brain’ (up top) saying things like “I am craving cake, ice cream, and more junk food!”

Today 80%-90% of people in the US suffer from a poor gut health, a bad microbiome, gut imbalance, or ‘leaky gut’.  When this is the case, many problems may arise such as, inflammation, gas, bloating, reflux, poor digestion, and even emotions can turn negative.  Emotional swings happen, depression, bad food cravings, lethargy, poor sleep habits, weight gain, and brain fog. All this and more can happen when your gut is imbalanced, and the most important part, it’s not just you ‘getting older’.  These bad symptoms can be treated, getting you feeling better and healthier again! When going through our program, we take the client down to a ‘gut calming diet’, full of healing foods that will naturally repair the gut lining and bring it back into balance.  Then, we slowly re-introduce foods through assessments specific to the client.  When the gut is back in balance the client can experience a euphoria type feeling.  The Inflammation, gas, bloating, reflux, poor digestion is gone! Poor sleep will be a thing of the past.  Passion, energy, confidence, and desire will return.  Best of all, the junk food cravings stop, the weight stays off, and your body is back in homeostasis. When you give the body the food it desires and needs to thrive at its peak, you will feel your body digesting and using the food for energy, not just sitting in your gut weighing you down.