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HUGE shout-out to Julianne Lechuga and Shawn Lechuga for their extraordinary insight and work in the health and fitness field! I started working with Julianne and Shawn two months ago and they helped me solve a 20-year health mystery and begin seeing extraordinary results on my way back to optimal health.

Today, I feel and look great!
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Feeling the need and having the desire to adjust my nutritional, health and wellness habits and life-style in the last couple of years, I sought out lots of information and products to help me along the way. I found Shawn & Julianne Lechuga at The Wellness Shop 365. I discovered and realized through them that what we have been thought throughout our lives about nutrition is very condensed and more alarming, not accurate. I have much greater knowledge now about nutrition of greater benefit to me is the Health and Wellness Coaching offered. The coaching afforded me the benefits of life style changes as well as life-long mindset changes that continue to benefit me in mind, body, and spirit each and every day. If you are looking for avenues and ways to improve your personal well-being and health in terms of body and mind, look no further than TWS 365! I highly recommend the Health and Wellness Coaching. It is invaluable to building a strong personal health and wellness foundation in meeting all the challenges, we face day to day in our ever-changing lives.

Homebound, weak and depressed. Stuck in my chair with nothing but my TV and fast food. Knowing and wanting a change, I sought out nutritional help and wellness coaching. I found Shawn Lechuga with The Wellness Shop 365. He took me in and showed me easy and yet very healthy meals. He also wrote me up a exercise plan to follow. Within 90 days, I saw GREAT results! Losing weight, getting my strength and energy back, I feel invigorated!!! I truly believe that Shawn saved my life! I am 365.

I started working with Shawn at The Wellness Shop 365. He is my Health, Wellness & Nutrition Coach. He has helped me become a better family man and communicator with my wife, kids and co-workers. Gaining confidence through proper nutrition and exercise, I feel like I am 20 again-bursting with energy and confidence! Easy to read and follow meal plans and workout plans. I have thoroughly enjoyed my Health & wellness coaching sessions! I am 365.

I feel reborn! Health & Wellness coaching was the best decision of my life! Finally feeling myself again.

Suffering with debilitating arthritis, in pain and depressed, my family Introduced me to Shawn & Julianne at TWS 365. I received workout plans, meal plans and 6 months of coaching sessions with Shawn. He guided me the entire way and I still work with him today holding me accountable. Thank you for paving the way to success and a better pain free and happy life.

I hooked up with The Wellness Shop 365 for 6 months of coaching. I was lacking ability to speak in large groups. I wanted to become a fitness instructor, but couldn’t break out of my shell. Working with TWS 365 helped be mentally re-focus and change my mindset. I completed new certifications and I am teaching and speaking with large groups!! Thank you!!

Struggling with my sense of taste and smell for over 8 months, I was desperate. Found Julianne at TWS 365. She was able to get my smell and taste back within 6 weeks!! Unbelievable!! Auricular therapy was painless and quick. She was able to guide me through the entire process. Thank you, Julianne!!!

Since connecting with Julianne and Shawn in 2014, I have experienced some amazing results toward the betterment of my overall health through their knowledge of exercise, nutrition and lifestyle.
My journey began in the gym where they provided personalized daily exercise routines that were motivating and inspiring. As their passions grew our direction shifted toward nutrition and lifestyle which came full circle for me. I continue to learn and grow from them. I highly encourage those who are looking to make a change towards a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle to consider working with Julianne and Shawn as it’s been a true pleasure.